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The World's Leader In Health And Wellness Speaks Out, Are You Listening?

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Hello everyone I am about half way through my fitness challenge. I can honestly say I’m starting to see changes. I’m starting to lose fat! I have co workers telling me I’m starting to “lean out.” I can see it when I look in the mirror especially in the mornings. My challenge during this fitness challenge is nutrition. Like most people, sometimes I don’t make the right decisions. I feel these bad decisions are holding me back. I’ve been eating too many simple carbohydrates (foods containing low essential vitamins, minerals and refined sugars.) What I have improved upon is my meal consumption during the day. I am consistently consuming 5 meals a day. This is very difficult with my schedule but with my meal replacement shakes, I am able get the 5 meals that I need. I have a very active workout schedule 6 days a week. I workout @ 7pm. The mistake I was making earlier was consuming a meal replacement shake after my workouts which ends up being around 8:30pm. I would wake up in the morning feeling bloated and heavy. I decided to eat a light meal around 5:30pm drink one package of Want More Energy before my workout and after my workout have a 20z shot of Cleanse For Life. I am now waking up looking lean and full of energy. When you have a kidney disease, energy is hard to come by. I can only imagine how you readers would feel after trying a similar program. I am trying a new meal replacement next week. I will give you the details regarding the meal replacement next week. Last Blog I provided you with my meal plan, this time I am listing my daily workout routine. It’s a “BEAST” as we like to say.
If you’re advanced try it out. For beginners I definitely recommend a more intro. level program.
View the video below for more details on my current status during my 24 Day Fitness Challenge.

Day 1: Total Body Circuit Program (1hr)
Day2: One Hour Jiu Jitsu class
Day 3: Treadmill sprints with heavy punching bag session (1hr)
Day4: One Hour Jiu Jitsu
Day5: Total Body Circuit Program (1hr)
Day 6: Recover/Off Day
Day7: Optional Day: Off day or Jui Jitsu day depending how my body feels.

Notes: I am seeing a Chiropractor once a week, and stretching before and after each exercises session.

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Just had a client tell me she lost 25lbs in the first 9 days of her 30 day program. That's a first for me congrats Angel! Learn more here.

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Hello folks Ken Coward here with the latest news on my 24 Day Fitness Challenge. Day one was Friday, I will discuss Day one in the video below. Saturday and Sunday’s workouts (Days 2 and 3) both consisted of sprint intervals on the treadmill, punching bag sessions and stretching totaling 60 minutes. For the treadmill workout, I started on level 7 and finished at level 12. I ran for 30 seconds and rested for 30 seconds. As the levels increased I allowed myself more rest time (45sec to 1 minute.) (TREADMILL SPRINTING IS AN ADVANCED EXERCISE, BEGINNERS SHOULD START WITH BRISK WALKING ON THE TREADMILL.) My meals for the day s are listed below.

Breakfast- Boiled Egg, Organic Cereal, Isagenix Slim Cakes, a glass of purified water and a shot of Isagenix Cleanse for life.

Lunch- Turkey Burger Sandwich, Apple, Salad

Snack- Peas and Love Meal Replacememnt, Apple, Isagenix Want More Energy Drink.

Dinner- Subway Chicken Breast Sandwich and Green Tea

Post workout- Peas And Love Meal Replacement, Shot of Cleanse For Life.

My next video will be Monday night. I will go over days 2-4, I’ll talk to you then.

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The Numbers Are In On My 24 Day Fitness Challenge. See The Final Results.

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Well folks I think it’s time for me to put up or shut up. I’ve been discussing health and wellness with you for nearly a year. Yes, I have designed programs, I’ve made exercise videos but does that really motivate you? I say no. What motivates someone is the old if he or she can do it then so can I theory. Most people want to be lead, most people are followers (not that, that’s a bad thing.) With that being said I am going to lead you through my fitness journey. I am doing a 24 day fitness challenge. My goal is to develop lean muscle, lose body fat and just feel great at the end of this 24 day challenge. Like most people I have a number of issues.

Kidney Disease- Makes it difficult to build muscle.

Chronic Lower Back Issues- I strained my lower back 3x in 2 months.

Chronic Sprained Wrist- I just keep injuring my right wrist L.

I weighted myself today @ 181 lbs. My body fat was at 10.5%. My goal is to weight 190+lbs and get my body fat down to at least 7%. I will be taking before and after pictures as well. I will achieve these goals and I will walk you through the process so you can do the same thing. My first workout will be Friday. The video below will explain exactly what I’m doing now and will provide more information on how I hope this fitness challenge will help you.

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A New Circuit And All You Need Is A Set Of Dumbbells And The Desire To Have A Lean Sexy Body.

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8 Great Med Ball Exercises That Will Tone Your Butt And Tighten Your Core.

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Not P90X, Not Insanity But Maybe The Next Best Thing For Burning Calories On The Go.

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5 Simple Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Lower Back And Give You Rock Hard Abs.

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AUDIO: It's Time To Give Nutritional Cleansing A Try Part II

In my first Nutritional Cleansing article I discussed the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing. This time I decided to have a professional explain to you why we ALL need to cleanse. Mr. Ron Delle Don is a Natural Health Care Practitioner based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve known Ron for years, he introduced me to natural remedies. Listen to Ron as he explains the benefits of Nutritional Cleansing, the history of Nutritional Cleansing and why Nutritional Cleansing is paramount for living a long healthy life. Click on the link below

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Nutritional Cleansing Is The Key To Living A Long Healthy Life, See Why Here.

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VIDEO: Exercise Of The Week

This week’s exercise will be a lower body circuit. Body weight squats, body weight lunges, ice skaters and jump squats. For beginners attempting the circuit start with 1-2 sets five reps a leg. For the advanced, try 3-4 sets, 10-15 reps per leg. Perform each movement as fast and explosive as possible, while maintaining body control. Rest 1-3 minutes after the final exercise (jump squats.) depending on your fitness level. These movement are great to add to the end of our workout. A great way to burn extra calories and develop athleticism.

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It's Time To Give Nutritional Cleansing A Try.

If you are a person that pays attention to your health you should know we are in the middle of a health war and it looks like the enemy is winning. Cancer is now the number one cause of death in the United States, obesity is at an all time high, and we are identifying diabetic teenagers on a regular basis. Young adults with heart disease are the norm. We are taking medications that are supposed to help us (which they do) but they have side effects which are breaking down our bodies and preventing us from achieving optimal health.

The food we eat is a mess as well. You need to look into high fructose corn syrup; aspartame MSG and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a reason you can’t eat just one French fry or one potato chip, these chemical laced foods are designed to keep you eating. Your body doesn’t recognize chemicals, it cannot properly digest them so it stores it as fat, which can lead to the accumulation of free radicals which could be one of the reasons cancer is killing so many of us. I also feel these chemicals are the catalyst for our obesity issues. As I stated before, your body stores these chemicals as fat. Your body pulls these chemicals away from your major organs and surrounds it with fat and water.
These days so many people have trouble losing that last 10-12 lbs. When we are eating food that has more chemicals than nutrients there is no wonder we are obese and full of disease.

As bad as all this sounds there is good news. We can rid our bodies of toxins, we can fill our bodies with nutrients, we can lose those stubborn 10-12lbs. Nutritional cleansing is the key. I’m sure most of you a familiar with cleansing. Many cleanses
Deal with cleansing specific organs. Nutritional cleansing works at a cellular level, so we’re talking about cleansing your entire body from head to toe. Many cleanses require you to fast. Nutritional cleansing programs REQUIRES you to eat. Many cleanses help you to lose weight but in the process you may lose muscle. With nutritional cleansing you can lose the weight while you gain lean muscle. The most powerful component of nutritional cleansing is the replenishing aspect. ALL cleanses remove toxins from your bodies; however, when your body is still lacking the proper nutrients your body is not capable of truly taking care of itself. What nutritional cleansing does is not only cleanse the body but it also provides the body with vital nutrients which also enables the body to function at is highest level, which in turn helps the body to fight off disease and stay healthy and keep you feeling great.

I interviewed World Series Champion Sean Wooten, listen as he discusses the powerful benefits of nutritional cleansing (Click The Link Below)

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Burn Calories, develop lean muscle by adding this circuit to your leg routine.

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Summer Is Almost Here. If You Want To Look And Feel Great In 2010 This Blog Is For You.

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Gentlemen, Are You Ready To Train Like The Pros? Check Out My Latest Blog.

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Learn The Top Five Fat Burning Exercises

1. Squats- Any type of squat is a great way to burn calories. Squats allow y-ou to use many muscles at the same time. The muscle used the more calories burned. You can squat with dumbbells, body weight, kettle bells, your kids, anything that works.
2. Pushing exercises- Pushing exercises require a great deal of muscle as well. Examples of pushing exercises are bench press and push ups.

3.Pulling Exercises- Pulling exercises consist of rowing or pull-ups, dumbbell rows, seated rows, anything in a pulling motion is going to work a lot of musculature so a lot of your upper back, some of your arms, your lats, and even a little bit of your lower back if you keep that - by holding yourself in that static upright position.
4. Single Leg Exercises- Single leg exercises are great because you are using the large muscles of the leg and you also incorporate balance and proprioception (Its input comes from sensory receptors distinct from tactile receptors — nerves from inside the body rather than on the surface. Proprioceptive ability can be trained, as can any motor activity.)
5. Total Body Abs- I dread these movements but they really get the calories burning. These are core exercises but they incorporate the arms and legs as well. Examples of these exercises are mountain climbers, dive bombers and burpies.
Do You Want To Learn The Truth About Cardio?

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Alkaline vs Acidic

I’ve discussed numerous times how chronic disease in the United States is at an all time high. I’ve also discussed the dangers of processed foods.
Today I will discuss a simple way to counter chronic disease which will allow you to live a long healthy life. All you have to do is learn how to alkalize your body.
The majority of foods we eat, once digested, absorbed and metabolized release either an acid or an alkaline base into the blood
The PH level of the blood let’s us know if we’re acidic or alkaline.
Your PH stands for potential for health. PH ranges from 0-6.9, which is acidic, to 7-14 which is alkaline. For the body to function at it’s highest level it must be able to balance the acidity and the alkaline. The ideal PH level at which this balance takes place is 7.36-7.44. The reason you need some acid is due to the fact some parts of the body require acid such as the digestive system.
Below I have included a list of acidic foods and alkaline foods as well as a powerful video which explains exactly why you need to alkalize your body.

Alkaline Foods you can eat freely
Brussels Sprouts +0.5
Peas, Ripe +0.5
Asparagus +1.3
Comfrey +1.5
Green Cabbage, March Harvest +2.0
Lettuce +2.2
Onion +3.0
Cauliflower +3.1
White Cabbage +3.3
Green Cabbage December Harvest +4.0
Savoy Cabbage +4.5
Lamb's Lettuce +4.8
Peas, Fresh +5.1
Zucchini +5.7
Red Cabbage +6.3
Rhubarb Stalks +6.3
Leeks (Bulbs) +7.2
Watercress +7.7
Spinach, March Harvest +8.0
Chives +8.3
French Cut Green Beans +11.2
Sorrel +11.5
Spinach (Other Than March) +13.1
Garlic +13.2
Celery +13.3
Cabbage Lettuce, Fresh +14.1
Endive, Fresh +14.5
Cayenne Pepper +18.8
Straw Grass +21.4
Shave Grass +21.7
Dog Grass +22.6
Dandelion +22.7
Kamut Grass +27.6
Barley Grass +28.1
Soy Sprouts +29.5
Sprouted Radish Seeds +28.4
Sprouted Chia Seeds +28.5
Alfalfa Grass +29.3
Cucumber, Fresh +31.5
Wheat Grass +33.8

Root Vegetables
White Raddish (Spring) +3.1
Rutabaga +3.1
Kohlrabi +5.1
Horseradish +6.8
Turnip +8.0
Carrot +9.5
Beet +11.3
Red Radish +16.7
Summer Black Radish +39.4

Limes +8.2
Fresh Lemon +9.9
Tomato +13.6
Avocado (Protein) +15.6
Non-Stored Organic Grains And Legumes
Buckwheat Groats +0.5
Spelt +0.5
Lentils +0.6
Soy Flour +2.5
Tofu +3.2
Lima Beans +12.0
Soybeans, Fresh +12.0
White Beans (Navy Beans) +12.1
Granulated Soy (Cooked Ground Soy Beans) +12.8
Soy Nuts (soaked Soy Beans, Then Air Dried) +26.5
Soy Lecithin (Pure) +38.0
Brazil Nuts +0.5
Almonds +3.6

Sesame Seeds +0.5
Cumin Seeds +1.1
Fennel Seeds +1.3
Flax Seeds +1.3
Caraway Seeds +2.3
Sunflower Seeds +5.4
Pumpkin Seeds +5.6
Wheat Kernel +11.4
Fats (Fresh, Cold-Pressed Oils)
Olive Oil +1.0
Borage Oil +3.2
Flax Seed Oil +3.5
Evening Primrose Oil +4.1
Marine Lipids +4.7

Foods you should eat sparingly
Fresh Water Fish -11.8
(In Season, For Cleansing Only
Or With Moderation)
Rose Hips -15.5
Pineapple -12.6
Mandarin Orange -11.5
Bananna, Ripe -10.1
Pear -9.9
Peach -9.7
Apricot -9.5
Papaya -9.4
Orange -9.2
Mango -8.7
Tangerine -8.5
Currant -8.2
Gooseberry, Ripe -7.7
Grape, Ripe -7.6
Cranberry -7.0
Black Currant -6.1
Strawberry -5.4
Blueberry -5.3
Rasberry -5.1
Yellow Plum -4.9
Italian Plum -4.9
Date -4.7
Cherry, Sweet -3.6

Foods you should eat sparingly
Cantaloupe -2.5
Red Currant -2.4
Fig Juice Powder -2.4
Grapefruit -1.7
Watermelon -1.0
Coconut, Fresh +0.5
Cherry, Sour +3.5
Bananna, Unripe +4.8

Non-Stored Grains
Brown Rice -12.5
Wheat -10.1

Walnuts -8.0
Macadamia Nuts -3.2
Hazelnuts -2.0

Sunflower Oil -6.7
Coconut Milk -1.5

*source: "Back To The House Of Health"
by Shelley Redford Young
Acidic Foods You Should Avoid
Root Vegetables
Stored Potatoes +2.0
Meat, Poultry, And Fish
Pork -38.0
Veal -35.0
Beef -34.5
Ocean Fish -20.0
Chicken (to -22) -18.0
Eggs (to -22)
Oysters -5.0
Liver -3.0
Organ Meats -3.0

Milk And Milk Products
Hard Cheese -18.1
Quark -17.3
Cream -3.9
Homogenized Milk -1.0
Buttermilk +1.3

Bread, Biscuits (Stored Grains/Risen Dough)
White Bread -10.0 White Biscuit -6.5
Whole-Meal Bread -6.5
Whole-Grain Bread -4.5
Rye Bread -2.5

Pistachios -16.6
Peanuts -12.8
Cashews -9.3
Margarine -7.5
Corn Oil -6.5
Butter -3.9
Artificial Sweetners -26.5
Chocolate -24.6
White Sugar -17.6
Beet Sugar -15.1
Molasses -14.6
Dr. Bronner's Barley
Malt Sweetner -9.8
Dried Sugar Cane Juice -18.0
(Sucanat) -9.6
Barley Malt Syrup -9.3
Fructose -9.5
Milk Sugar -9.4
Turbinado Sugar -9.5 Brown Rice Syrup 8.7 Honey -7.6

Ketchup -12.4
Mayonaise -12.5
Mustard -19.2
Soy Sauce -36.2
Vinegar -39.4

Liquor -38.7
Wine -16.4
Beer -26.8
Coffee -25.1
Fruit Juice, Packaged, Natural -8.7
Fruit Juice Sweetened With
White Sugar -33.6
Tea (Black) -27.1

Canned Foods
Processed Foods
Microwaved Foods
*source: "Back To The House Of Health" by Shelley Redford Young

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As bad As Our Food Is Today There Is Hope.

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Our Health Freedom Is Once Again Being Challenged. Protect you and your loved ones by taking action.

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Doctor Discusses The Power Of Nutritional Cleansing and why everyone needs to try it at least once.
The Most Powerful Health And Wellness Interview I've ever been part of.