Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just had a client tell me she lost 25lbs in the first 9 days of her 30 day program. That's a first for me congrats Angel! Learn more here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hello folks Ken Coward here with the latest news on my 24 Day Fitness Challenge. Day one was Friday, I will discuss Day one in the video below. Saturday and Sunday’s workouts (Days 2 and 3) both consisted of sprint intervals on the treadmill, punching bag sessions and stretching totaling 60 minutes. For the treadmill workout, I started on level 7 and finished at level 12. I ran for 30 seconds and rested for 30 seconds. As the levels increased I allowed myself more rest time (45sec to 1 minute.) (TREADMILL SPRINTING IS AN ADVANCED EXERCISE, BEGINNERS SHOULD START WITH BRISK WALKING ON THE TREADMILL.) My meals for the day s are listed below.

Breakfast- Boiled Egg, Organic Cereal, Isagenix Slim Cakes, a glass of purified water and a shot of Isagenix Cleanse for life.

Lunch- Turkey Burger Sandwich, Apple, Salad

Snack- Peas and Love Meal Replacememnt, Apple, Isagenix Want More Energy Drink.

Dinner- Subway Chicken Breast Sandwich and Green Tea

Post workout- Peas And Love Meal Replacement, Shot of Cleanse For Life.

My next video will be Monday night. I will go over days 2-4, I’ll talk to you then.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Numbers Are In On My 24 Day Fitness Challenge. See The Final Results.