Friday, October 8, 2010


Well folks I think it’s time for me to put up or shut up. I’ve been discussing health and wellness with you for nearly a year. Yes, I have designed programs, I’ve made exercise videos but does that really motivate you? I say no. What motivates someone is the old if he or she can do it then so can I theory. Most people want to be lead, most people are followers (not that, that’s a bad thing.) With that being said I am going to lead you through my fitness journey. I am doing a 24 day fitness challenge. My goal is to develop lean muscle, lose body fat and just feel great at the end of this 24 day challenge. Like most people I have a number of issues.

Kidney Disease- Makes it difficult to build muscle.

Chronic Lower Back Issues- I strained my lower back 3x in 2 months.

Chronic Sprained Wrist- I just keep injuring my right wrist L.

I weighted myself today @ 181 lbs. My body fat was at 10.5%. My goal is to weight 190+lbs and get my body fat down to at least 7%. I will be taking before and after pictures as well. I will achieve these goals and I will walk you through the process so you can do the same thing. My first workout will be Friday. The video below will explain exactly what I’m doing now and will provide more information on how I hope this fitness challenge will help you.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010